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No one knows what price red claw crayfish will bring in the Asean Region. A market for red claw will have to be developed. If red claw have to compete in the native crayfish market their production will not be economically feasible. Because of its size (100 to 300 per gram), however, it should fall into a totally new market niche and not compete with native crayfish or large lobsters. Contacts with marketing specialists indicate that red claw should have high appeal and command a high price when sold as “small lobsters.” Until large numbers are available, however, all marketing potential is speculative.

One advantage of red claw will be the ability to market live,whole animals without any need for processing. One advantage will be the development of a yearround supply since production cycles will not be limited by cold weather in the Asean region production. Most juvenile red claw currently produced in the Southeast are being sold to the ornamental or aquarium market. The color (light blue) and uniqueness of the red claw have demanded high prices from aquarium enthusiasts. Again, even this market has to be developed by individual producers.

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